Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why I love to tour on rainy days...

A rainy day is probably the last day any reasonable person wants to tour real estate. Unless you're me. On my way to a foreclosure listing I was retelling one of my memories about real estate and the rain. My mom and stepdad were moving back to Muncie, and their home search was going fairly well. They ran across a great deal on a two-story traditional home. The first tour, a beautiful sunny day, went quite well. "What a deal," they thought. About a week later I had a dream...

In this dream I went to see the home with them and went to the basement. I walked in to a pool of water up to my chest. I woke up and called my mom first thing in the morning. "Hey Mom, check the basement for water the next time you tour the house." What did they find in the basement after a week of rain showers? Standing water. Ahhh... now the low price makes more sense.

I may not get a prophetic dream to help each of my clients, but that dream taught me a valuable lesson in real estate. I had always heard my dad say, “Buy high and dry.” I can’t help but agree. If during your home search you have a heavy rainfall, consider it a blessing and not an inconvenience. Consider these useful tips:

Take a look at the yard.
• Does it seem more like a swamp than a place for the kids to play?
• If it isn’t a wet season and the yard is wet… the septic system might be an issue.

Look at the driveway.
• Does water run down back toward the house? This will only intensify in the winter as snow falls and melts.

Check the basement or crawlspace.
• Anything below ground level must be built and sealed properly or some dollar signs could pour more than any spring shower.

• Does the home have a sump pump to keep water out if needed?

Look up.
• The gutters and roof are your best friends. Do the gutters flow properly? Are the downspouts sufficient to direct water away from the home.

Look out.
• Look around the neighborhood. Does the street have a lot of standing water? Do the storm drains drain properly? All these factors can help keep your roads in better condition and keep your property value high.

Take on a little rain outside to stay dry on the inside!

(Picture Courtesy of Austin History Center, PICA 008484-A) 

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